Coaching and Guidance

Coaching and Guidance


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The meaning of the name Form-Ed is:
In Papiamento = Formashon Edukativo
In English = Educational Formation
In Dutch = Educatieve Formatie

One of my main goals is to coach people to shape their personal, business and social life themselves. The choice for a life coach is a personal one. People become aware and seek more content and sentence. And always it’s about the three key questions, who am I, what do I want and what can I do?

I also give workshops and courses to adults about:
Coaching, Mentorship, Motivational and Inspirational Empowerment, Creative Budgeting, Inner Growth – Awareness of your surroundings, Parenting and Breaking Taboos, Differing Mentalities, Living healthy lives, Etiquette – dealing with others.

In brief, we offer special coaching and professional support services that you as an individual and also as an organization can benefit from. In the form of personal advancement and/or problem solving skills.